We are passionate leaders from different professional, educational and cultural backgrounds. Each of our consultants, trainers, and coaches is highly specialized in their area of competence. In every project we ensure the perfect match of the work team, based on trust, professionalism and collaboration.


Mulan origins from the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. Similar to the legend character, we believe in




Building the core of our work.

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Work Spirit

We thrive on human-centric interplay.

Between hard skills (job knowledge) and soft skills competencies – adaptability, innovativeness, creativity, empathy, social skills, which are much needed in today’s fast evolving digital and innovation-focused economy. We combine the latest insights from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Design Thinking, and the Arts to create the biggest learning and improvement rate for your organization.

We believe in experiential learning.

We focus on learning through experience, practice and collaboration providing appropriate learning environments that encourage self-driven workplace coaching and learning. All of our courses are based on experiential models of learning and we routinely innovate on what a course looks like. Our courses tackle real projects and many of them are held in situ in the context that is appropriate for the specific learning experience.







We use our measurable 4D work methodology.

Circle of Life

We believe that the Circle of Life flows if we spread the joy and help the community around us thrive.

Therefore, 5% of our revenue goes to social projects of our clients’ choice. Furthermore, we engage in social projects in partnership with non-profit organizations to transform the lives of children in rural areas of China.


Innovation Consulting

Nothing is static or bound to traditional norms. Innovation builds the root of evolving services, products and human resources. Let’s be bold and do the unconceivable.

Design Thinking Hackathons

We develop co-creation workshops in which we design, prototype and test innovative solutions together with interdisciplinary teams of your organization. All our Design thinking Hackathons are operated in partnership with COAEVA, German Innovation Consulting.

Innovation Strategy Tank

We tailor innovation strategies that address the main challenges faced by your organization.

Synergy Martini Events

We design events that connect companies with the most relevant industry trends and potential partners into a sustainable future.

Talent Discovery Hacks

We hack the traditional way of recruiting top talent. We organize and design events providing the opportunity to explore fresh top talent matching your company’s portfolio.


Leadership Academy 5.0

Every company owns individual leadership heritage. It is our motivation to empathize your leadership needs and transform them into effective organizational outcomes, anticipating the changes of the digital transformation.

Creative problem solving through storytelling. Leading with innovation mindset. 

EQ Leadership Mastery. Personal Branding. Effective influencing and communication. Leader as coach. Selling using the art of non-selling. Creative change management. Blackbelt leadership. Leader as entrepreneur. Experiential Train-the-Trainer. And more.

Creative leadership is an important means of breaching the barriers to high performing and innovative teams.

We help you to explore the five core functions allowing to be cohesive as a team and row together. We describe them as trust, confidence, commitment, co-creation and result focus. Diverse personalities with different talents and strength build the bedrock of a collaborating and high performing team and therefore, crucial for your company’s 360° success story.

In times of talent war, we emphasize talent as a strategic priority.

We help you to identify and build your effective talent pipeline. We do not see this as a sole HR task. What’s needed is a deep-rooted conviction, among business unit heads and line leaders. Shortly, a company culture, that really focuses on developing the capabilities of your employees, nurture their careers, and manage their career paths based on their performance and melted with a talent strength approach. This also requires your organization to be flexible enough to integrate new working models, (e.g. leadership tandems), meeting the diverse demands of Generation X, Y, and Z. Together we find the optimal solution to build your workforce talent.


Coach Hauz

We bring coaches from different schools of thoughts, e.g. NLP, Gallup, ICF, ICC, IAC, Marshall Goldsmith, etc., to coach middle and senior leaders to maximize their strength to benefit organizational growth.

One on One

Performance Excellence via 1-1 Personal Coaching or Mentoring.

Managed and proven coaching work flow through profiling assessment tools.

Team Coaching

Team Performance Excellence via team facilitation program. 

Creating team awareness and appreciation towards one common goal, facilitated by a certified coach.

Inhouse Coaching Program

Building Coaching Culture within your Organization.

Enhance organizational growth by creating a coaching mindset through training, consultation and experiential facilitation.


Factory Theatre

Animate your factory stage and bring your manufacturing processes alive.

Inspire your factory team players and customers to experience your compelling brand story.  We can help you to design and deliver a user-centric coaching program based on your manufacturing facilities and processes.

Life + Arts

We believe in balancing work with play. Happiness at work and outside are equally important for a well-rounded and fulfilled individual.

An immersive 5-senses experience enhancing your personal grooming, social skills, diet/fitness and connection to the arts.


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It is our mission to offer a total solution across the human-centric value chain of our client.

Therefore, we closely engage with our partners, carefully selected based on the values of Mulan. Said this, we minimize the touch points inside out and maximize the overall human-centric project  implementation effectiveness.


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